Will the Bitcoin euphoria oust the investment sales in Bulgaria?

Hitting the ground with a shovel? This not what they mean talking about digging these days. The Bitcoin euphoria grows exponentially, more people every day buy themselves powerful computers to use it for “digging”. There are many concerns regarding the crypto-currency predicting that it will cause the next financial collapse or claim that the technology happens to be a huge instrument for money laundering. The Bitcoin industry is making its way in Bulgaria too. But regarding the fears that the “internet money” will cause damage to real estate development and investment sales Bulgaria currently look at like they don’t represent a real jeopardy.

While the property deals in the segment of living dwellings slow down on a global level, this is not the trend in the country. Actually, in the ranking by the rate of increasing costs of houses and apartments, Bulgaria finds a place in the top 10. This is not good news, this is a sign of another bubble ready to blow off, say some experts. But in terms of investment sale Bulgaria right now is a great place to make business, especially for those who have bought some property three or five years ago.

And it’s not too late for those who didn’t buy a real estate object recently. The demand for new buildings to live and works increases so the price will not make a U-turn anytime soon. A square meter of living space in Sofia, for example, is valued between 800 and 1300 Euro and this only one reason to say that in investment sales Bulgaria offers good and stable opportunities – around five to eight percent of rental yield. Well, the cost of the Bitcoin grows at a vast speed and maybe it’s a better option for many people to put their funds on. For those who still value the real estate and not the virtual one, Forton is ready to support with professional advice.